About us

Who we are?

We believe that when everyone speaks out about the problem of society and action together, the world will become a better place.

We are here with a simple and clear mission to build a powerful ecosystem for change, to give back power to the people by giving them back their voice and dignity.


We are a community-driven project which means that we do not have big boys with deep pockets behind the scenes. We said enough is enough it’s time to get back what is ours, control over our data, voice, and free will – on our platforms there is no, and never will be – targeted content. It’s your choice what you want to watch or read.


Each member of the community supports the project in its own way, some members are investors, some are platform users, some members spread the word about us and some actively work on the whole ecosystem. We do not have a registered company, we do not have employees and in the near future, all the major decisions will be made by the community in the voting process on our blockchain.


Become a part of the revolution simply by choosing to use our decentralized platforms over centralized Big Tech companies.