18,000 Cryptos Will Fail | Protect Yourself NOW

Published on 08/08/22 / In People & Blogs

Crypto Crash. Recession. Crypto News. Bitcoin.
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Because here’s the harsh truth, crypto needs to change. It needs to evolve. Because what happened before, clearly, wasn’t sustainable. And in order to reach this new future in Crypto, a future I still fully believe in, we need to look critically at what happened over the past few years, and how it created this crash.

Only then you’ll begin to realize… We’ve seen it all before.

Part of the reason that everyone and their brother has been SO eager to pile on and mock Crypto in the last few weeks is because, prior to this crash, Crypto was having a bit of a moment… Hot crypto summer.

Just a few years ago, words like Crypto and NFTs we're barely even breaking into the public consciousness.. Now, its massive, although with recent talks of a recession, combined with the crypto market crash, it's not looking bright for the majority of cryptos.

Crypto Crash
Market Crash

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Farouq211 9 months ago

The next bull run would be insane!

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